Be picked up by our trained volunteers and transported to the Overwater Wheelyboat, or any other local destination of your choice.

For those people who find it difficult to access our Wheelyboat because of a lack of suitable transport, we also have our Wheelybus available, which was introduced in 2019. This is a specially adaptable minibus which can carry up to 3 wheelchairs with 3 seated passengers, or up to 11 seated passengers, in the following combinations, but please discuss options with us if any of the wheelchairs are larger than normal. It is dedicated for groups containing at least 1 disabled or chronically sick passenger.

11 seats with 0 wheelchairs / 7 seats with 1 wheelchair / 5 seats with 2 wheelchairs / 3 seats with 3 wheelchairs

  • Transport to Overwater Marina for a trip on our Wheelyboat
  • A daytime trip to any local venue for a gathering with friends, such as one of the local towns, garden centres or museums, for a lunch and general socialising.
  • We generally operate on weekdays, Monday to Friday, but occasional Saturday or Sunday trips are possible.

If passengers are able to be transferred to a seat after boarding the Wheelybus in a wheelchair, it will increase the total passenger capacity and we store folded wheelchairs on-board.

Who can use the Wheelybus service?

Although the vehicle is dedicated for the use of disabled passengers, this does not exclude the possibility of non-disabled passengers being carried. This might be the case with a mixed group of disabled and non-disabled passengers travelling together as an integrated group.

How much it costs

We do not make a charge for Wheelyboat or WheelyBus trips, but we ask for a donation to help cover our running costs. We can suggest what this donation could be but it is up to you as to what you consider reasonable for your party.

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